The membership of the Association is voluntary and open to individuals who are interested in professional association and development of their mentoring, coaching, counselling, mental health, psychology, leadership and human resource development capacity and competencies. The admission is based on prescribed qualifications as approved by the Council as well as other conditions and terms of APMCN Bye-laws.

Every member who has complied fully with the requirements for admission and paid his/her registration fees and first annual subscription as prescribed in the bye-laws, may be formally introduced and inducted at any of the association’s functions (training, conference, dinners and general meetings).

A member of the association shall be required to be actively involved in the activities of the association and shall be required to be a member of a state chapter and or serve in at least one committee or sub-committee of the association.

Designator Letters: The following members shall be entitled to use the under listed letters after their names:

Fellow   (FAPMCN)

Member (MAPMCN)

Honorary Member (Hon. MAPMCN)

Honorary Fellow (Hon. FAPMCN)

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