Founders Philosophy

My philosophy revolves around championing a foundation of knowledge, continuous learning, and a lasting legacy. I am committed to championing a cause that promotes a shift in values, challenging the prevalence of negative behaviors in our society. My aim is to make meaningful contributions to the growth and development of our nation through mentoring and coaching initiatives. This vision was born out of a shared concern with numerous well-intentioned Nigerians who yearned for the creation of a homegrown professional association.

We are here to make a resounding impact and send a clear message about the growing need for mentoring and coaching in Nigeria across various domains, including education, self-awareness, governance, fostering harmonious relationships, ensuring national security, shaping politics, vocational guidance, nurturing social and personal development, promoting religious understanding, strengthening families, bolstering our economy, advancing national interests, upholding citizenship values, and fostering patriotism, among other critical aspects of our society.

I eagerly anticipate a fruitful collaboration with brilliant minds, and I extend a warm invitation to join our association. The future is now, and together, we can shape it for the better. Welcome aboard!

Dr. Rotimi Mathew, Fpmc, FAPMCN, SRF, Ch.HRC (Canada)

Founding President

Our primary mission is to serve as the national governing body, fostering an environment in Nigeria that adheres to internationally recognized standards and practices in the field of mentoring, life coaching, and leadership.

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