About Us

Who we are

The Association of Professional Mentors and Coaches of Nigeria (APMCN) is the National Association of trained, certified, licensed, registered professional mentors, coaches and professionals of similar ideal in Africa. It draws membership from all Institutions of learning, Public and Private Sectors, Individuals, Religious Groups, Civil Societies, Professional Bodies and Non-Governmental Agencies, etc. The Association is made up of Fellows, Full Members, Honorary Members and Membership who possess the necessary requirements as postulated in the Bye-law of the Association. The Association is precisely a national body engaging the national environment which would meet internationally accepted standards and practices. It was born out of a burden shared by the founder with a number of well-meaning Nigerians for a home-grown spun professional body. It sought a thoroughly African and community-based approach to the definition of mentoring, coaching and leadership best practices.


To advance the act and art of mentoring and coaching in Africa, with emphasis in the well-rounded, well-blended, and well-honed professionals, profound in wisdom and learning, skillful in practice and ethical conduct.


To make APMCN a Leading Choice in Professional Mentoring and Coaching Practice in Africa, and to impact on livelihood of stakeholders mentoring and coaching in a profound and comprehensive professional manner.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To provide a platform for members to educate themselves on mentoring and coaching.
  2. To provide for, and collaborate in training activities, for the benefits of members and other stakeholders
  3. To complement governments and private organizations’ efforts in human capital and institutional capacity development through co-operation and collaboration.
  4. To engage in genuine national and international mentoring and coaching activities that promote education, socio-cultural and economic values for enhancement of national and international peace, unity and understanding.
  5. To establish and sustain a networking for individuals, government and private organizations in the human capacity development to interact, buy their products and services.
  6. To embark on researches on mentoring, coaching and leadership related matters for publication and dissemination of such documented information.
  7. To facilitate infrastructural projects on mentoring and coaching, to stimulate acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and a niche market to empower and provide employment opportunities.
  8. To create a platform of interaction for multi-disciplinary empowerment and capacity building.
  9. To collaborate with professional bodies of similar ideals in provision for practicing license

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